breeeeeeeeeennn (inmortal) wrote in everythingriley,

Batch of icons

Icons without text:


Credits if you take to inmortal
I don't care the hotlink...
Enjoy =)
Tags: icons whitout text
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Love your icons! Know any good websites for Riley Smith pictures? It's the largest and most updated picture gallery of Riley Smith :)
And thanks for the comment ♥♥
you're welcome! And hey I was wondering if by any chance you knew about his new cd.
Yeah I have everything about his music here and here *likes her site so much =P*

I know an album is coming out soon but dont know when :( I just know the debut album was on February 10 at Genghis Cohen but nothing more T_T

Btw I love your icon ♥ Love Jensen too!
thanks! I love Riley, every since I watched Full Ride and Jensen Ackles is my favorite actor (supernatural rocks!).
Yeahhhhh Supernatural is my fav tv show so far!!! *_* Riley must have at least a lil appearance in there T_T...! sniff :(
If Riley Smith guest starred I'd die! That'd be my new fav. episode!
YEAHHHH!!! We have something in common haha. He must star in one at least!!! T_T, he deserves that!